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A Photo diary of the Quintet's concerts and travels...


Photo of

May 2013

Bayside Senior Center, Elm-Cor Senior Center and the Salvation Army


Carl MaultsBy and flutist Karla interviewing at Elm-Cor

Carl MaultsBy and flutist Karla interviewing at Elm-Cor

Matt and Maureen taking notes at Salvation Army

Matt and Maureen taking notes at Salvation Army

bassoonist Maureen interviewing at Bayside

Bassoonist Maureen interviewing at Bayside


January 2013

Bayside Senior Center, New York


May 2012

Queens New Music Festival

In a performance of Kum-Ba-Ya, Marcus by Carl MaultsBy with Lawrence Evans, narrator

October 2011

Queens, New York

    Littlest audience member at the Salvation Army    

Hispanic Heritage month celebration at the NY Hall of Science.

June 2011

Queens, New York

    Littlest audience member at the Salvation Army    

Littlest audience member at the Salvation Army.

October 2007



The Quintet on tour October 2007 at Bear World in Rexburg, Idaho.

January 2007

Northern California

Quintet greets the Pacific coast on tour in Northern California in January 2007

October 2004


Barbara with hornists from the Sistema de Orquestas Juveniles de Medellin, who performed at the Americas Society on a tour from Colombia in the fall of 2004. Barbara organized coaching for the student wind players with members of a graduate woodwind quintet from NYU

Juin 2004

NYU Summer Institute concert

Brasilian percussionist Thiago de Mello performs with the Quintet.

April 2004

Electronic Concert

at Langston Hughs library


Composers Bryan Rulon and Neil Rolnick in the foreground.



Bryan Rulon explains his piece to the audience


St. Peters Church

From Quintet of the Americas all Brazilian program March 23, 2003.
The concert was a benefit for St. Peter’s Church in Chelsea which you can see under repair.

Barb and Thiago de Mello playing a duet, “Chant of the Chief”, a beautiful Brazilian melody from the Amazon.

Thiago playing with the Quintet. He is playing a wooden box from which he can make 11 sounds !

Thiago playing the water jug.


Flushing Library in Queens

Sierra, councilman, and Quintet at Flushing Library

Quintet at Flushing Library

Flushing Library: Quintet and Sierra speaking

September 2002


Republic of Georgia (28 photos!)


Quintet performs at the National Conservatoire


Quintet performs at the US Embassador's residence


Exploring Tbilisi


Barbara's horn master class, National Conservatoire

May 2002


Ukrural museum

January 2002

Quintet playing Judith Sainte Croix CMA concert


Matt and Laura playing Colombian gaitas during premiere of Vision III by Judith Sainte Croix at the Chamber Music America conference, 2003.

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